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Manure in a Bucket – Triniti, St. Louis

Triniti STL ManureInABucket

This is a picture of a student at Marian Middle School helping to start a community garden. The dirt she is pouring is made out of cow manure and soil. Sounds disgusting right? It smelled disgusting but it is really good for the garden. She is using cow manure because it has more nutrients which will help the plants. As the plants take root, those roots will suck up the extra nutrients  I am SURE this garden will yield incredibly great vegetables! This is helpful for Marian Middle’s culinary arts program. The culinary arts program is a program where we learn to make healthy food that also tastes GREAT! This garden will also bring the 5th -8th graders together  with the staff from school who help the students with their garden. Plus, when you start a garden you are getting GREAT FITNESS. Gardening here requires drilling, shoveling, pouring soil and rocks, and lifting the shovel full with rocks and soil!!! I would recommend starting a community garden to all other schools for improved health and fitness.